Beat The Blerch 2016 virtual race kit

I received this through the mail and could not help but get very excited at my first glance at the parcel.


I can tell from the drawing on the parcel that it’s the Beat The Blerch 2016 virtual race kit I ordered back in April. It was supposed to ship before the actual physical race on September 17th in Seattle, so even though the race kit came in a bit late, it’s not that much of a deal. I can run the virtual marathon whenever I feel comfortable, but I have not followed my training plan as closely as I should.


I’ll work on my training later, but coming back to the kit, I chuckled for a bit after the unboxing. It’s not a typical race kit for running for sure, and the familiarity with The Blerch character makes it even more interesting for me.

You might want to check out Matthew Inman’s comic on running to get some idea of what I’m talking about. I hope the comic will help you pick up running or improve your passion for running if you already are a runner.


Shirt design – back. Atypical reason for running, but it resonates with a lot more people than most would admit.

Now, on to the training, finish the marathon, and earn the medal!