Baker Creek order re-shipment

My latest order from Baker Creek took longer than it should to arrive. The package seem to have stuck for almost 2 weeks at the final delivery center of my local courier. Here’s how it looks like when I finally get the package.




I found animal poops in the package and my suspect was that they’re from little mouse that somehow sneaked into the storage area of my local courier. I assume that’s explains the 2 weeks delay of the final delivery.

I contacted Baker Creeks right away out of curiosity to ask if the package was somehow insured. Never did I expect for it to actually be insured and never did I meant for Baker Creeks to take responsibility for the issue but to my surprise, Lisa (they rep that answered my email) straight away have my order re-shipped without questioning.

After a while, I’ve got my new seeds and continue to be surprised.


baker-creek-order-re-shipment-seeds The package contains all the seeds that I’ve previously ordered, along with the free seeds (they always include a free seed packet for every certain amount of order). Not only that, for this shipment they’ve decided to also package all the seeds in individual ziploc bag which I believe are for some extra protection in the rare case that it could get into the same problem as before.

Sure, they don’t need to re-ship my order. They’re also not obliged to include the free seeds. The ziploc bags were also not necessary. But hey, they went above and beyond to do all that and I couldn’t be happier. That’s just great customer service.

I’ve been ordering seeds from the company since I first started with my home garden a few years back. They have great seed selections and the seeds are very reliable. They didn’t have to do all this to win my next order, but the least I could do is to share my positive experience and perhaps you might want to give Baker Creek a look the next time you want to order some seeds for your garden. In fact, even if you don’t already have a garden, just go to the website and take a look at the seed listing. Who knows it might get you excited about gardening the same way I did when I went there for the first time.