AWSome Day Kuala Lumpur 2016

I get to attend a free one-day training based on the AWS Essentials Course during today’s AWSome Day. The training covered basic knowledge on key AWS services and did not change much from last year’s AWSome Day (even the location has not changed), but I still come knowing what to expect, and I see myself coming again in the coming years.

technology-awsome-day-kl-2016-tag We were given 250+ pages of AWS Technical Essentials Student Guide, and the sessions will go through the book throughout the day and end with certification for all those attending.


Having attended the same training before and being an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate myself, I was there mainly for a refresher on the topics and to keep myself up to date with AWS in general via the keynote. My current work doesn’t require me to use AWS, so I need to keep myself current in the topics or start losing the knowledge over time to other not-so-important things that constantly fight for the precious space in my head.

Talking about the keynote, the demo with Sphero with built-in Intel Edison and how it works with Raspberry Pi and AWS services such as Alexa, IoT, and Lambda was quite fun. The geek side of me always wanted to play with such things, but I couldn’t even get myself to buy a Raspberry Pi kits that I’ve always been contemplating to get since the first edition was released, which was many, many years ago. Also, the demo that uses iPhone camera displayed in macOS, which I assume is done via the simulator app included in Xcode, reminded me of my plan to start with iOS programming, which never came to fruition. It’s a pity that Xcode was the first app that I installed when I first got my MacBook, but I never got past the iOS Playground app until now.

Looking forward to AWSome Day Kuala Lumpur 2017, and I hope to get my associate SysOps and DevOps AWS certificate by then.